Étude Op. 6, By Subash Thebe

Étude Op. 6, By Subash Thebe


This piece has been entered into the 2012 Signature Art Prize www.signatureartprize.com. It is available to purchase but it may not be available until October if selected as a semi or finalist. We will contact you regarding delivery if you purchase.
This is one of the work in my black and grey summer series, a study on mirror and glass plates. I think it is interesting how one can see their image reflected on the painting through the wiped bit and reveal themselves on the painting. This work, in a sense, belongs to or is about, anyone who beholds it.
The clash of the gestures has always been my style and this work is no different from the rest. In the beginning I associated the horizontal gesture with the music, now it bears more than musical connotations, in fact I can relate it to almost everything that is bit uncanny but interesting I suppose. I love the fact that it is evolving into something different from what I started. For instance, I used to paint the horizontal rhythmic gesture which would blend with random brush strokes creating a new band of colours. But now I create the horizontal gesture by wiping out the random brush marks to reveal the surface (and find myself in the painting in case of mirror plates) This playfulness aspect has opened a new perspective in my work and my signature style, though I must say that it indeed is ever-changing.
Oil and Acrylics on Mirror.

  • Materials: Mixed Media

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 39 × 49 × 4 cm

  • Primary Medium: Painting

  • Year Created: 2012

  • Is the work framed?: Yes

  • Ready To Hang/ Display?: Requires Framing or Mounting

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