Study on human emotion through photographic image, By Agata Laskowska

Study on human emotion through photographic image, By Agata Laskowska


AGATA LASKOWSKA BA (Hons) Photographic Practice My work represents a quest to explore, and to reflect upon our profound experiences, which often remain hidden to the outside world, but nevertheless exists in out minds. Delving into personal experience and the perspectives of others, I set out to use photography to discover those often invisible but very strong emotions, fears, doubts, and inner battles. However, photography is employed here beyond its basic means to represent reality; instead, I have created visual metaphors which refer to hypothetical life situations, such as human transience, inner contradictions, spirituality and the meanings of our existence, and also female psychological experiences over time. In other words, symbolism is used to depict metaphysical contents, making reference to a broader phenomenon. For example, some of the sequences I created centre around the experience of the (female) protagonist, where the human body is combined with a specific element – WATER, within a specific space and context, where water is used as a metaphor to emphasize human nature: a kind of spontaneity and variability, dependent on life situations, stages and changes, and also reminiscent of transience and elusiveness.

Symbolism, which I use within my photographic project is a world, that depicts metaphysical contents. I mainly focus on human spirituality, transience, recesses of soul and senses. In shorter way, I use photographic language to capture what is invisible in human. Knowledge, which I obtain through my whole life is integrated into a conceptual frame work. For instance, perspective of woman in the context of human diversity. I base my ideas on everyday aspects of life like: diversity of political opinions, freedom of speech, sexual orientation, fears, frustrations, pressures. I think it is important to raise those aspects and photographic image does it perfectly, especially in todays world of ubiquitous visual image. Photograph is something more than just a pure reflection of reality, it becomes a metaphor of our souls. Taking part in this competition would let my work to be seen by a large audience, and this project is created especially for the public!

  • Materials: photographic print

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 59 × 84 × 0 cm

  • Primary Medium: Photography

  • Year Created: 2012

  • Is the work framed?: Yes

  • Ready To Hang/ Display?: Requires Framing or Mounting

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