Skin of Nature: Gravity II, By Ian Tricker

Skin of Nature: Gravity II, By Ian Tricker


This body of work is using sculptural language such as balance, tension, mass, structure, texture and form, my work pays particular attention to surface and the ‘skin’ of the sculpture. My methodology focuses on the changing surface, which here interacts with imagined forces similar to gravity; the skin becomes stretched almost to breaking point, being pulled off from the sculptural form beneath which appears to be floating. In this sense, the sculptures seem to completely defy the laws of gravity, all capturing an individual moment of in time.

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 300 × 100 × 180 cm

  • Primary Medium: Sculpture

  • Year Created: 2013

  • Is the work framed?: No

  • Ready To Hang/ Display?: Ready To Hang/Display

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