Self Watchers - Signature Art Prize 2012 Finalist, By Seung Ah Paik

Self Watchers - Signature Art Prize 2012 Finalist, By Seung Ah Paik


This piece has been entered into the 2012 Signature Art Prize It is available to purchase but it may not be available for delivery until October if selected as a semi or finalist. We will contact you regarding delivery if you purchase.
The basic Idea of my practice is to express my ego through paintings by representing my body as a set of objects from the perspectives that are most familiar to people. The perspectives play the most important roles in my works. They are self-portraits from the painter’s own direct view. This suggests the viewer to feel as though they are looking at their own bodies. Moreover, by subtly combining images from diverse perspectives rather than using just one perspective, they become slightly uncanny. This is because I treat my body as a reconstructed object rather than a self-image, in order to question the distance between the artist myself and the created image. Skin and texture are another important aspects to my paintings. I have transformed the canvas into the skin and by this I tried to emphasize the intimacy between myself and the paintings.
The images in this set of 3 paintings are about a single point of view- my point of view- which is my "signature style". I want the viewers to have the opportunity to indulge on this perspective and experience a complexity in their experience. I majored in oriental painting before I came to Goldsmiths, and the technique and symbolism I use for my paintings can be called "hybrid" and mixed in a very unique way. My works are very powerful and cogent while being pale and calm at the same time. They look very abstract and simple from distance but when you look at the paintings closer, you will notice that the precise and detailed description of the texture of my own body from my own perspective in enormous scale convinces the viewers to question about themselves and the conventional portrait once again.

  • Materials: Paint on Canvas

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 300 × 480 × 1 cm

  • Primary Medium: Painting

  • Year Created: 2012

  • Is the work framed?: Yes

  • Ready To Hang/ Display?: Requires Framing or Mounting

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