Biomorphic Polymorph, By Claire Jackson

Biomorphic Polymorph, By Claire Jackson


Biomorphic Polymorh is roughly 9ft tall and comprised mainly from Polymorph, with a copper and mesh armature interior. The Biomorphic Polymorph sculptures are my personal interpretation of the curious natural forms in nature and the human body under close magnification of which I am constantly inspired by. The twisting forms both reminiscent of the beautiful forms in nature and also the deadly. Looking closely at of these structures reveals the grotesque surprise of deadly fungus spores, HIV cells and other highly infectious viral and parasitic like forms. The visual representations of things we would normally give a wide birth and intentionally avoid. This however is contradicted by the curious minded viewer’s who are drawn in by the intentional use of a curious medium and the detailed and intrinsic construction of the sculpture.
First place in the Degeeart, signature art competition for sculpture 2009

  • Materials: Polycaprolactone, Copper, steel

  • Primary Medium: Sculpture

  • Year Created: 2008

  • Is the work framed?: No

  • Ready To Hang/ Display?: Ready To Hang/Display

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