About ArtProQuo

The Art Resale Platform for Collectors


ArtProQuo is the secondary sales platform solution for the art market powered by ecommerce expert, Artellite Ltd that harnesses the best of the offline art world and marries it with the best of the online.

ArtProQuo is the latest conception of gallerists and art dealers Elinor Olisa and Isobel Beauchamp,  whose careers in the fine art business began in 2003 with the launch of the student and graduate gallery – DegreeArt.com.

The gallery, founded to identify, nurture and promote talented artists graduating with fine art and design degrees in the UK, utilised the then burgeoning power of the internet and paired it with the international reputation of UK art schools, to produce one of the longest enduring and successful online galleries in the UK.

Over the intervening years, the businesses and the artists they represent have developed and entered new aspects of the primary art markets, via sister Galleries Contemporary Collective and DegreeArt.cn.

Olisa and Beauchamp, responding to the needs of their artists and clients, have established ArtProQuo to provide a curated, affordable, secondary market platform for collectors seeking to purchase or sell artworks on the secondary market, without the associated high commissions traditionally charged by auction houses, or galleries.

All listed artworks undergo strict provenance and quality checks by the experienced team at Artellite and collectors and buyers liaise directly during the selling and acquisition process.

ArtProQuo is delighted to provide the solution to how contemporary and emerging artists’ artwork can enter the secondary market and how collectors can sell pieces from their collections and acquire new works.

Selected managed collections:

The O'Brien Collection / The McClatchey Family Collection | Shah Collection